Body Kits?

Body Kits are certainly one way to really transform the look and aesthetic of your car. I feel there are good and bad body kits, I personally think the classic kits like M-techs and early kits like the BBS, Zender, Hartage are all clean. Its the aftermarket riced-out-modernized-chunky boiz that I don’t think look all that nice. But hey to each their own, if you think it looks cool, go for it. I have seen Custom wide body kits on E30’s that come out looking super clean. But what do I wanna do on mine?

I personally don’t like anything too crazy, I generally really like the standard OEM look on almost all the E30’s my favorite probably being the 1987 325i sport that came with the M-tech body style but still was pre-facelift or the later face-lifted 1991 M-tech 2. I think keeping the car somewhat OEM and classic is essential for the look I’m going for. For my car since I have the classic chrome euro bumpers, I will most likely try to find a M-tech 1 front bumper/valance, along with the rear bumper as well. I am also going to try finding 325 IX side skirts or older Ford Taurus skirts. I like the look of minimal side skirts that don’t have curves or detail, pretty much just flat square skirts to extend the shape and squareness is what I’m looking for. For the rear spoiler/lip I will either leave it off or find a aftermarket duckbill style one, Alpina, or IS style. Those three are my top picks when it comes to spoilers.

As of right now I am leaning toward tossing on a body kit, something that will cost me somewhere around $1400 give or take and will really alter the cars overall look/aesthetic. Part of me loves the OEM classic 80s look of the pre-facelift 325 too. Stay tuned for what I decide to do.  [OO=[][]=OO]

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