My First Steps ?

Before I start doing any performance upgrades, engine matinence, or exterior work, there are a few matters which must be taken care of. Right off the bat my absurd OCD when it comes to cars automatically kicked in as I inspected the car for the first time. I noticed there had been various issues with the interior that were not mentioned and needed fixing. Multiple pieces of door trim were missing, and several window gaskets were dry-rotted. Being a 34 year old car there was also several areas that were dirty and in need of cleaning. The rear seats, headliner, carpet, and door cards certainly will need to be cleaned and re-touched.

The first steps are going to be cleaning. While the interior is certainly pretty clean for over 30 years old, it will need a deep clean to satisfy my OCD when it comes to interiors. After a thorough cleaning all missing trim pieces will be ordered and replaced bringing the interior back to life. After the interior is clean and taken care of I will most likely re-dye or order new carpeting. This will make the interior look much newer and add to the overall cleaner aesthetic for the interior I am going for.

Once all of this is done I will post some before and after photos in order to give an accurate depiction of what has been replaced, cleaned, and fixed. Stay tuned for further updates. BMW E30 by rolindadice64 on DeviantArt

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